Veneer Jack Scaffolding for Sale

Veneer Jack Scaffolding for Sale

Veneer jack scaffolding that works great for reaching walls up to 8' tall. It is commonly used in residential masonry construction but its small size, portability and adjusting legs make it a great choice for many interior and exterior construction applications. The legs slide into the inside of the frame tubes. Both the legs and frames contain pin holes that allow the height to be adjusted. The frames allow for a work platform to be created on two different elevations.

Veneer Jack Scaffolding Specifications:

Frames: each veneer jack frame is 32" tall, 48" wide and has 1 3/4" tubes.

Legs: each veneer jack leg is 48" tall and have 1 3/8" wide tubes.

Our veneer jacks are made from high quality virgin steel and have a powder coat finish. Beware of recycled steel, which contains rust, used by the competition.

Each set comes with one frame, two legs and two pig-tail pins.


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May 16th 2023

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