Non-Stop Scaffolding Individual Parts and Accessories

Non-Stop Scaffolding Parts and Accessories

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As you use scaffolding systems such as Non-Stop Scaffolding, parts eventually get lost, damaged or worn out. Replacing these parts can be difficult - especially if you are looking for used Non-Stop parts.

If you already use Non-Stop scaffolding and just need some replacements parts, we're here to help. We carry individual Non-Stop parts and accessories (both new and used). Below are some of the more popular items we have. There are many other parts that we have in stock but are not displayed. Just let us know what you need and we'll get it for you. Most of our used parts inventory consists of parts that we have restored. For example, we will sandblast the winches, replace the cables and any other moving parts that require replacement and repaint.

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Information about Non-Stop Scaffolding Parts

Winch For Non-Stop

These winches are used to lift the scaffolding platform up and down along the Non-Stop towers. They are essential to the scaffolding system. It is probably more important to have these winches in good working order than any other part of the system.

Wall Tie for Non-Stop

These wall ties are used to attach the scaffolding to the building structure to ensure the platform stays upright.

Tower Section for Non-Stop

These are the standard 9' tower sections that stack on top of each other are used by the platform and winches to climb the scaffolding.

Rest Platform for Non-Stop

This rest platform is used as an OSHA required station for your workers to take a break while climbing a tall scaffold platform.

Mason Guardrail

The mason guardrail fits on the end of the mason platform (the smaller platform closest to the wall) they are a fall protection safety feature.

Labor Guardrail

The labor guardrail fits on the main (large) portion of the scaffolding platform. It is used as a fall protection safety feature.

May 16th 2023

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