Folding A-Frame Scaffolding

A-Frame Scaffolding for Sale

SWS-1400 3' A-Frame Scaffolding

SWS-1401 4' A-Frame Scaffolding

SWS-1402HD 6' A-Frame Scaffolding

Folding A-Frame Scaffolding is very versatile and can be used in conjunction with either scaffold planks or aluminum platforms to create a working platform to stand on or a work bench. This scaffolding works great for indoor applications, for painters, drywallers, residential projects, commercial construction, or any project where ease of transport and fast set up are desired. This scaffolding will fold up for transport and storage. Each set of frames are connected at the top by a hinge and are connected by a chain at the bottom to keep the frames properly spaced.

At Southwest Scaffolding, we carry three different sizes: 3', 4' and 6'. With this scaffolding, you can quickly create a large, raised work platform for a fraction of the price of a platform ladder.


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May 16th 2023

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