Concrete Shoring Frames and Accessories for Rent or Sale by Southwest Scaffolding

Concrete Shoring Frames and Accessories for Rent or Sale

Concrete shoring is essential for many construction projects. It supports the weight of a structure during construction or renovation. At Southwest Scaffolding, we carry several different products to assist you with concrete shoring. They are shoring frames, wall braces, and shore posts.


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Looking to support a freestanding wall? Check out our wall braces.

Concrete Shoring Frames

Often used in a dead shoring system. These frames will support overhead concrete beams and suspended formwork. You can use our frames to tackle even the largest of construction projects. These frames are similar to our scaffolding frames, except the steel is much thicker. Like all of our products, these frames and accessories are made from high-quality steel. We do not use recycled steel (which contains rust) like many of our competitors.

We carry frames of various heights along with accessories such as Shoring Screw Jacks, Shoring Connectors, U Heads, Base Plates and Cross Braces. Whether you need to rent or you want to purchase, contact us for all your shoring needs.

SWS-705 4'X6' Frame

SWS-703 4'X5' Frame

SWS-701 4'X4' Frame

SWS-701 4"x3' Frame


Tube Diameter: 2.375"

Wall Thickness: 0.156"

Locking System: Candy Cane

Finish: Powder Coat - Red

First lock 7" from top of frame leg (13" on all 6' tall frames)

Shoring Frames: Accessories

If you need more information about the different types of shoring: here is a good article on it.

May 16th 2023

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