Using Scaffolding as a Deer Blind

Using Scaffolding as a Deer Blind

One thing that many are obsessed with, particularly in my home state of Texas, is deer hunting. Children here learn to handle a gun before learning the alphabet. Reasons for hunting Vary, Some love venison Chili, sausage, and jerky, and others love the smell of a campfire at night or a crisp fall morning. Either way, one of the essentials of hunting, especially deer hunting, is the blind.

Before deer season, you might want to consider what type of blind you will use. There are many options to choose from, and many choose a simple ground blind utilizing a tarp or other barrier between the hunter and the ground and a simple structure for cover. The advantage of using a ground blind is the cost. Also, setup and takedown are simple, and they can be transported easily. A disadvantage is they are drafty, and being on the ground, they can be pretty cold. Another significant disadvantage is visibility. Most hunters choose elevated stands. Usually, the stands attach to a tree, but they can also be freestanding. Many hunters build their own stands; others buy them already made. Deer stands can be simple or elaborate, portable or permanent. One thing that they usually need to be more challenging to move. If you lose your lease or need to move your stand to the other side of your lease, you may need help to move the stand or even need to build or buy a new one. There is, however, a great alternative. 

Using Scaffolding frames as a deer stand

A great alternative to using traditional materials for your stand is scaffolding frames. When building a conventional stand, you need treated lumber (which can rot), fasteners, specialized tools, etc. Set up takes a minimum of a day and often an entire weekend. Setting up this type of stand means you may waste valuable hunting time or, if you build before the season starts, valuable family time.

Using scaffolding frames, you do not need a tree to attach to. The only materials needed are the frames, braces, and accessories. No specialized tools are needed. You are able, with enough frames, to make the scaffolding as tall as you want or, using one set, as short as 6ft off the ground. The best part of all is you can set up scaffolding in minutes and not hours, so you can get to hunting right away! With scaffold frames, you have several choices for platforms. A simple wood platform with canvas is easy and quick, or you can build a cover and even surround it with wood pallets to hide your presence. 

Scaffold stands dismantle as easily as they are set up and can be taken down, packed, and moved in a matter of minutes. This gives you the ability to hunt in different areas in one season without the need to buy a new stand. Stands can also be used to hang deer for field processing or even shelter with few modifications.

Before planning your hunting trip this year, be sure to stop by Southwest Scaffolding and let them help you pick out the best scaffolding for your deer stand project.

Apr 26th 2023 Tiffany Tillema

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