Used Non-Stop Scaffolding

Used Non-Stop Scaffolding

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Don't have the budget for new Non-Stop? It can be very expensive to buy new. At Southwest Scaffolding, we have a solution. We take used Non-Stop Scaffolding and make it like new - except for the price.

See how Non-Stop Scaffolding can make you more profitable.

Our Process for Restoring Used Non-Stop Scaffolding

We start by selecting the best pieces from our used Non-Stop scaffolding inventory. We then sandblast each piece to remove the original paint and any rust that has accumulated on that piece. We then weld any pieces that need minor welding repair, replace any moving parts, repaint the parts and re-assemble. For the winches, we replace all the moving parts and install new cables.


Above (left to right): Non-Stop Scaffolding base sections after they have been sandblasted, waiting to be repainted, fully restored Non-Stop winches, fully restored landing platforms for Non-Stop Scaffolding.

May 16th 2023

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