Scaffolding Wheels (Casters) for Sale

Scaffolding Wheels (Casters) For Sale

Our scaffolding caster wheels will fit any frame style we carry. Casters are used to create a rolling mobile scaffolding platform or tower so you can easily move your scaffolding around without having to tear it down and build it in a different location. Our scaffolding wheels are heavy-duty and made from zinc-coated steel, they contain a locking mechanism so you can climb and work on the platform safely and they swivel so changing directions is easy. They are secured to the scaffolding frame by a toggle pin or span pin. The steel wheels are coated with rubber for grip and so the wheels do not damage the floor surface. If you are using casters on an uneven surface, be sure to check out our socket jacks, which are designed to level a rolling platform or tower.

SWS-150 8" Locking Scaffolding Wheel (Caster)

This scaffolding caster wheel fits all of our Safeway-Style, Waco-style and Bil-Jax-style frames. It is 8" tall and has a 1-3/8" stem. The wheel is secured to the scaffolding frame with a pin.


SWS-151 5" Locking Scaffolding Wheel (Caster)

This scaffolding caster wheel fits our Multipurpose Bakers Scaffolding Unit. It is 5" tall and has a 1-1/4" round or square stem. A pin is used to secure the caster to the scaffolding frame.


See also our screw jacks

May 16th 2023

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