Safeway Style Walk-thru Scaffolding Frames


Walk-thru frames are great in situations where you need access to more than 10' of wall at a time. Workers can walk through the scaffolding frames and have easy access to the entire length of a wall. These frames work great standing alone or with side brackets. Our Safeway-Style frames are a tried and true scaffolding design and are compatible with all other Safeway Style Frames. These frames will take a 5', 7', 8', or 10' X 4' cross brace.

SWS-620B5'X6'4" Walk-Thru / Ladder Combo Scaffolding Frame

This scaffolding frame is a combination between a ladder frame and a walk through frame and allows for both walk through access across the scaffolding platform and a ladder to allow for working platforms on different levels. GET A QUOTE BY EMAIL

SWS-610-B 5'X6'4" Walk Thru Scaffolding Frame

This is our most popular scaffolding frame. It is commonly used in masonry, stucco and many other applications where there is a need to travel through the frames and across the length of a scaffolding platform. Great for long walls and tall heights. GET A QUOTE BY EMAIL

SWS-604 B 42"X6'4" Walk-Thru Scaffolding Frame

This is a good all-around scaffolding frame. This frame requires fewer boards than the 5' wide frames but is still wide enough to comfortably walk through. GET A QUOTE BY EMAIL

SWS-601B 3'X6'4" Walk-Thru Scaffolding Frame

This is the most popular frame for stucco contractors. Requires fewer planks, light and easy to set up, easy to transport and will work in tight places. GET A QUOTE BY EMAIL

Specifications for S-Style Walk-Thru Frames:

Frame Leg: 1-11/16" Wall thickness: 0.095"

Top Lock: 8-1/2" Drilled Hole: 45º

Finish: Powder Coat Blue Frame

Pin Type: 9" X 1-7/16"Coupling Pin

Lock Type: drop lock

Aug 31st 2022

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