Cross Brace Assembly on Frame Scaffolding

Cross Brace Assembly on Safeway-Style Frames

This video shows how to attach a cross brace assembly to our Safeway-style scaffolding frames. Pins containing the drop locks are attached to each scaffolding frame and are used to secure cross braces to the frames. The vertical distance between the drop locks determines what kind of cross brace (x-brace) to use. For instance, a 7' X 4' cross brace will put the scaffolding frames at 7' apart when the drop locks on the frames are 4' apart vertically. 4' between the pins is a standard distance for a full side Safeway-style scaffolding frame. The cross braces have holes drilled in the ends of them and this hole goes over the pin containing the drop lock. Once the cross brace is put into place the lock automatically comes down behind it, locking it in place. There are other types of locking systems on different scaffolding types. For instance, Waco-style scaffolding has what we call candy cane locks, some types of frames have flip locks or v-locks and snap on frames have a rivet pin attached to the scaffolding and the locking mechanism is on the cross brace instead of the frame. Bil-Jax style scaffolding has different pin locations than Waco or Safeway style frames (they are closer together). So while a 5' X 5' Safeway and Waco frame both take a 7'X4' cross brace, a 5'X5' Bil-Jax Frame will take a 7'X2' cross brace.

Safeway-style frames are by far the most popular scaffolding style we carry and for good reason as they are extremely easy to assemble, safe and reliable. The drop lock system on these frames is the fastest and easiest system to use, making assembly of these frames a little faster than assembly of other types of frames.

Frame Scaffolding and Cross Braces For Your Project

We have lots of scaffolding for sale! Let us outfit you for your next construction project with our frame scaffolding. We use high-quality steel and construction to make frame sets that can hold, on average, 41,000 lbs. We deliver these to you at wholesale prices. For more information about our scaffolding frames, click here.

May 16th 2023

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