Commercial Buildings : should you build or buy?

Commercial Buildings : should you build or buy?

You are in need of more space for your business and most cities have buildings already available for purchase. What makes better sense for your company? Build or buy? Here are some pros and cons of each.

Starting a commercial building from the ground up:


 1. Customization: Building a commercial space from scratch allows for complete customization to meet your specific needs and requirements.
a commercial space from scratch allows for complete customization to meet your specific needs and requirements. 

2. Modern infrastructure: New construction ensures the building will have the latest technology, energy-efficient systems, and compliance with current building codes.

3. Long-term investment: Starting from scratch can be a long-term investment as you can design the building to accommodate future growth and expansion. 

4. Branding opportunities: Building a new commercial space offers an opportunity to create a distinct brand identity by integrating your desired style and architectural elements. 


1. Time-consuming and complex: Constructing a commercial building from the ground up can be a time-consuming and intricate process, involving various permits, design stages, construction phases, and inspections.

2. Higher upfront costs: Starting from scratch generally requires significant upfront capital investment for land acquisition, design, construction materials, and labor. 

3. Uncertain market conditions: The time it takes to complete construction may expose you to potential market fluctuations, making it challenging to predict future demand for your commercial space.

Buying a building to remodel: 


1. Shorter time frame: Renovating an existing building is typically faster than starting from scratch, as a significant portion of the structure is already in place.

2. Potential cost savings: Purchasing an existing building can potentially be more cost-effective than building from the ground up, depending on the purchase price and the extent of renovations required. 

3. Location advantages: An established building may already have a desirable location, with access to transportation, amenities, and an existing customer base. 

4. Historic or unique features: Remodeling an existing building, especially if it has historical or unique architectural features, can add character and value to your commercial space.


1. Limited customization: Remodeling a building may come with limitations, as you have to work within the parameters of the existing structure and its layout. 

2. Hidden issues: Older buildings may have hidden structural or infrastructural problems that can only be identified during the renovation process. These issues can lead to unexpected costs and delays. 

3. Compliance and code adherence: Renovations often require meeting current building codes and regulations, which can be challenging and costly to implement in an existing structure

. 4. Unknown renovation costs: The cost of remodeling can be unpredictable, as unexpected complexities or complications can arise during the renovation process, potentially exceeding the initial budget. 

Ultimately, the decision between starting a commercial building from scratch or buying a building to remodel depends on various factors such as budget, timeline, customization needs, location, and personal preferences. The cost and time factors for your particular project should be weighed heavily before making a decision. 

Oct 16th 2023 Tiffany Tillema

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