Clips & Pins for Scaffolding

Coupling Pin for Scaffolding

Coupling pins are used to connect scaffolding frames together vertically. The pins fit on the inside of the frame and are used in conjunction with span pins, toggle pins, and clips to hold them in place.

Safeway-style (blue) scaffolding requires a 9" X 1-7/16" pin, meaning the pin is 9" long and 1-7/16" in diameter.

Waco-style (red) scaffolding requires a 7" X 1-3/8" pin.

Bil-Jax-style (yellow) scaffolding requires a 9" X 1-3/8" pin.

Because of these different lengths and diameters, pins are not interchangeable between the different scaffolding styles, so it is important to make sure you have the right pin. In addition, Safeway frames have pin holes at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal member of the frame, while Waco and Bil-Jax style frames have a pin hole at a 90-degree angle, which means that the pin holes won't line up if you stack a Safeway frame on a Waco or Bil-Jax frame. We carry pins with or without a collar depending on customer preference.


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Clips & Pins for Scaffolding

Spring Clips - SWS-113

Our spring clips go on the inside of our coupling pins and are used to hold the pin in place once the pin is inside the scaffolding frame.

Scaffold Pins

Below are various scaffold pins that we carry. Many of them are interchangeable and may be used according to preference. Our toggle pins are usually paired with casters, guardrail posts and similar items. Our pig tail pins are usually paired with our veneer jacks.

May 16th 2023

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