Shoring Frames and Accessories

Shoring Frame for Sale at Southwest Scaffolding. Nationwide supplier of scaffolding and accessories.

Shoring Frames and Accessories Shoring is essential for many construction projects. It supports the weight of a structure during construction or renovation. At Southwest Scaffolding, we carry heavy-duty shoring frames made of high-quality steel with thick walls. You can use our frames to tackle even the largest of construction projects. We carry shoring frames of […]

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Scaffolding Frames for Sale by Southwest Scaffolding

Walk Though Safeway Style Frame Scaffolding for Sale. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

SAFEWAY-STYLE WALK THRU SCAFFOLDING FRAMES Walk-thru frames are great in situations where you need access to more than 10′ of wall at a time. Workers can walk through the scaffolding frames and have easy access to the entire length of a wall. These frames work great standing alone or with side brackets. Our Safeway-Style frames […]

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Wall Braces for Sale or Rent

Wall Braces - B4 and B5 for concrete, tilt wall, masonry. Southwest scaffolding sells and rents wall braces nationwide.

Wall Braces for Sale or Rent Sizes B4 and B5 Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Available for Pick Up or Delivery We Will Meet or Beat Competitor’s Prices Many construction project require wall braces. This is especially true when constructing big box stores, tilt wall buildings, large concrete forms, or constructing long masonry walls. Let us […]

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Brick and Block Dolly

Brick and Block Dolly for Sale, for masonry project. Southwest scaffolding sells masonry equipment and scaffolding.

SWS-ST202B Brick Dolly   Brick dolly for sale. Also called a brick cart, this cart will allow you to carry cubes of brick and block on your masonry project in places where a forklift is unavailable. The round hoes on the cart are slots for the forks and offer many different configuration options. The cart […]

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Essick Mortar Mixers

12 Cu Ft Gasoline Powered Mortar Mixer. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding and masonry equipment.

Essick Mortar Mixer – SWS-EM120Sm $4,999.00 Essick 12 cu. ft. mortar mixer for sale. These mixers will carry 3-1/2 to 4 bags and are powered by a Honda 11.7 hp engine. Price does not include the tongue for trailering, which may be purchased separately. See also our mortar tubs and mortar stands. Unit Specifications Drive […]

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Scaffold Sheeting/Weather Protection

Weather Barrier

Monarflex scaffold sheeting is used for weather protection, climate control, additional fall protection and protection from dust to surrounding areas. This sheeting is exceptionally durable and has a reputation for holding up better than other brands. It consists of two layers of polyethylene that are reinforced by polyester yarn. The sheeting attaches to scaffolding through […]

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Side Brackets for Scaffolding Frames

20"-30" Adjustable Saddle Square Tube Side Bracket for Scaffolding. Southwest Scaffolding sells and rents scaffolding, boards and accessories with nationwide delivery.

Side Brackets for Scaffolding Frames Side brackets are used to allow a mason or other trade to work right up against the wall of a building, they allow for free walking access along the length of the wall and allow the worker to have access to building materials behind them at waist height. These side […]

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Folding A-Frame Scaffolding

Folding A-Frame Scaffolding SWS-1400 3′ SWS-1401 4′ SWS-1402HD 6′ These folding A-Frames are very versatile and can be used in conjunction with either planks or platforms to create a working platform to stand on or work bench. This scaffolding works great as an indoor scaffolding, painters scaffolding, for residential projects or any project where ease […]

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LVL Scaffold Board – 16′

LVL Scaffold Boards, LVL Scaffold Plank, OSHA tested

LVL Scaffold Board “LVL” stands for laminated veneer lumber. These boards are made by adhering thin layers of wood together with each layer having a perpendicular grain direction. These planks are tested to make sure they are compliant with OSHA Standards. LVL boards are less expensive than nominal and solid sawn planks. Another advantage of […]

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Mortar Stand for Masonry

  Mortar Stand  Our mortar stand will hold your mortar boards and works either horizontally or vertically. We make our stand from tubular steel with a red powder coat finish to make sure it will withstand the elements and stress of a project. In addition, we carry mortar boards, mortar tubs and mortar mixers. GET […]

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Veneer Jack Scaffolding

Veneer Jack Scaffolding for Sale. Bolt-on ladder bracket to secure ladder to scaffolding. Safeway Style Walk Thru Stucco Scaffolding Frame. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

Veneer Jack Scaffolding for Sale Veneer jacks are a residential scaffolding that works great on houses and short walls. They are designed to construct walls up to 8′ high.  The height may be adjusted at the legs. The frames allow for a work platform to be created on two different elevations. Each set comes with […]

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Multipurpose Indoor Scaffolding Unit

Multipurpose (bakers or utility) scaffolding for sale. Bolt-on ladder bracket to secure ladder to scaffolding. Safeway Style Walk Thru Stucco Scaffolding Frame. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

SWS-2000 Steel Multipurpose Scaffolding Unit – Indoor Scaffolding Request a Quote Also called Baker’s scaffolding and painter’s scaffolding this is an extremely versatile utility scaffolding that serves as a more functional, safer and less expensive alternative to a platform ladder. Comes with locking casters for easy relocation. 1,000 lbs capacity, fast assembly. Fits through most […]

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Scaffold Ladder for Sale

scaffold ladder attached to frames via bolt-on ladder bracket. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

Scaffold Ladder Sections Our scaffold ladders come in 6′ and 3′ sections and are secured to scaffolding frames with ladder brackets. The ladders are stacked on top of each other and may be stacked as high as need to access the scaffolding platform. OSHA requires that scaffold ladders extend to at least 3′ above the […]

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Wood Scaffolding Planks

OSHA-stamped solid-sawn wood scaffolding planks for sale.  Pinned and trimmed on the ends to avoid splitting. Sometimes we have used scaffolding planks that are in good/useable condition that we are willing to sell.  Please call or email for inventory and pricing.

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Steel Board for Scaffolding

Steel Scaffolding Planks

Steel Scaffolding Planks for Sale

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Aluminum Scaffold Board

Aluminum Scaffolding Plank for Sale, Aluminum Decking, Aluminum Scaffold Board. Bolt-on ladder bracket to secure ladder to scaffolding. Safeway Style Walk Thru Stucco Scaffolding Frame. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

Solid Aluminum Scaffold Board Our aluminum scaffold board comes in three different lengths: 5’X19″ SWS-1106  25 lbs 7’X19″ SWS-1101  30 lbs 10’X19″ SWS-1103  39 lbs The advantage of these boards is their safety, stability, durability and load bearing capacity. They are rated for 75lbs/sq. ft and can be used in heavy-duty scaffolding applications. They are […]

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Cross Braces for Sale

Cross Braces for Scaffolding, x-braces, braces for sale by southwest scaffolding. Southwest scaffolding sells scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

Scaffolding Cross Braces for Sale We sell both tubular and angle-iron cross braces in many different sizes. When reading cross brace dimensions, the first number is the space the cross brace will create between two scaffolding frames when it is attached to the frames. The linear length of the cross brace will be a little […]

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Mortar Tub for Masonry

Mortar Tub for Sale, Mud Tub for Masonry. Southwest scaffolding sells masonry supplies, scaffolding, boards and accessories nationwide.

Mortar Tub for Masonry   Our mortar tub comes in either 10 ga. or 14 ga. steel and painted to reduce rust. These tubs are designed to hold mortar for masonry projects. The feet are designed to hold forks so the tub can be easily moved and placed on a scaffolding platform. SWS-1530 Heavy Duty […]

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Scaffolding Caster

8" Locking Caster for Scaffolding. Southwest Scaffolding sells and rents scaffolding, boards and accessories with nationwide delivery.

Scaffolding Caster Our scaffolding casters will fit any frame style. They are used to create a rolling scaffolding platform or tower so you can easily move your scaffolding around without having to tear it down and build it in a different location. Our casters are heavy-duty and made from zinc-coated steel. They contain a locking […]

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Clips & Pins for Scaffolding

Spring Clip for Scaffolding. Southwest Scaffolding sells and rents scaffolding, boards and accessories with nationwide delivery.

Clips & Pins for Scaffolding Spring Clips – SWS-113     Our spring clips go on the inside of our coupling pins and are used to hold the pin in place once the pin is inside the scaffolding frame.   Scaffold Pins Below are various scaffold pins that we carry. Many of them are interchangeable […]

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Coupling Pin for Scaffolding

Coupling pin for scaffolding. Southwest Scaffolding sells and rents scaffolding, boards and accessories with nationwide delivery.

  Coupling Pin for Scaffolding Coupling pins are used to connect scaffolding frames together vertically. The pins fit on the inside of the frame and are used in conjunction with span pins, toggle pins, and clips to hold them in place. Safeway-style (blue) scaffolding requires a 9″ X 1-7/16″ pin, meaning the pin is 9″ […]

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Scaffolding for Sale

Southwest Scaffolding offers a large selection of scaffolding for sale. Our scaffolding is manufactured to our strict specifications and it is tested to make sure it meets or exceeds OSHA standards. Our inventory includes the following: Frame Scaffolding Scaffolding Accessories Non-Stop Scaffolding Tube and Clamp Scaffolding Wall Braces Mixers Shoring Shoring Accessories Scaffolding Boards Aluminum Boards Scaffolding Safety Masonry Equipment We keep a large inventory of these items on our yard so we can fulfill your order quickly and give you the best price possible. Our order are usually fulfilled within a few days. We can ship our scaffolding all across the United States and Canada. We have even shipped overseas. Our prices are low enough that it is cheaper to buy from us and pay shipping than it is to buy locally. We do not put everything we sell on our website so please be sure to check out our catalog for a more comprehensive list of items we carry. If you do not see what you need, we can likely get it for you. To place an order, all you need to do is fill out the Request of Quote form, call us, or email us. We promptly confirm your order with you and make sure the items ordered are in the correct quantities and styles to best suit your needs. When you place a scaffolding order, it helps for us to know how high you need to go with the scaffolding platform and how long you need the scaffolding platform to be. We also need to know the delivery zip code so we can get a shipping quote. Once we confirm the scaffolding type and quantities with you, we will then put together a shipping price and send you a quote containing the total price for the scaffolding, the shipping and tax if applicable. Payments can be made either by credit card or by filling out a credit application with us and then sending a check. If you are located in the North Texas area, all of our scaffolding for sale is available to be purchased off our yard. Just come on over and pick it up! We are located at 5030 Dexham Road, Rowlett, Texas, 75088. We often run specials on our scaffolding for sale where prices will be discounted for a period of a week to a month. These sales are made available to customers who are either on our phone text message list or our email mailing list. If you'd like to be receive emails about our specials you can sign up for our newsletter.
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