Snap-On Scaffolding

Snap-On Scaffolding (Apartment Frame Scaffolding) for Sale


Our snap-on scaffolding is widely used in California and the Western US. Also called apartment frame scaffolding. The cross braces on this scaffolding contain the locking mechanism, which attach to a pin on the scaffolding frame that is shaped like a rivet. This is different from most other types of frame scaffolding, where the cross braces have a hole at each end and attach to the locking mechanism on the frame.

These scaffolding frames are also called apartment frames or apartment scaffolding. Being lightweight, these frames are a favorite of stucco contractors.

We sell our snap-on scaffolding by the set with 10' cross braces. Each set comes with two scaffolding frames, two cross braces and the pins so you can stack the sets on top on one another. We also carry half-high frames with will match up with these.

Scaffolding Dimensions

Height: 6'8"

Width: 36" (3')

Scaffold pin position: 90 degrees

May 16th 2023

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