Multipurpose Scaffold Unit

Attributes of Multipurpose Scaffolding

Our multipurpose scaffolding is an extremely versatile utility scaffolding that serves as a more functional, safer and less expensive alternative to a platform ladder. This unit comes standard with locking casters for easy relocation. It has a 1,000 lb capacity, assembles quickly, and fits through most doorways. This scaffolding is perfect for painting, indoor, and residential applications or where ease of use is a priority.

The compact size of this scaffolding makes it easy to transport and store. It's easy and fast to set up and the platform is adjustable all the way up and down the 6' tall frames, putting you in the perfect position to get the job done. This scaffolding is stackable up to 18' with outriggers and guard rail assembly. While it is ideal for painting and residential project, it can also be used on commercial projects and outdoors as well. The adjustable platform also allows this unit to be used on stairs and uneven surfaces. This is easily our most versatile scaffolding. Our multipurpose scaffolding is considered to be "Narrow Frame Scaffolding" under OSHA and is OSHA compliant.

SWS-2001 Steel Guardrail Assembly for Multipurpose Scaffolding

This guardrail assembly fits into the post on top of the multipurpose unit. The gates swing open on each end allowing for easy access onto the work platform without having to climb over the top of the guardrails.

SWS-2000-12T 12' Multipurpose Scaffolding Tower

Our 12' Towers Consist of 2 SWS-2000 multipurpose units, one guardrail set, four outriggers and eight casters.

SWS-207 Steel Outriggers for Multipurpose Scaffolding

18" Outriggers for multipurpose units. These outriggers extend the base of the scaffolding and allow for the tower to be stacked higher without tying off. Per OSHA standards, the initial tie off on scaffolding has to be at 4X the width of the base. Our outrigger packages come with casters.

SWS-151 5" Locking Caster Wheel

These locking caster wheels are used on our multipurpose units to make them mobile. We carry these casters in both a square stem and a round stem.

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May 16th 2023

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