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GatorBar Rebar Now for Sale at Southwest Scaffolding

Southwest Scaffolding is now a distributor of GatorBar Rebar. So what is GatorBar? It is a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar manufactured by Neuvokas Corp. GatorBar is superior to conventional steel rebar in many ways. It is 2x stronger than steel rebar. It is 7x lighter than steel rebar, and is non-corrosive - meaning it does not rust.

Stronger than Steel

GatorBar is much more elastic than steel rebar - meaning it can take more stress and still return to its original shape. #4 steel rebar becomes permanently deformed at 7,800 lbs of stress. #3 GatorBar becomes permanently deformed at 16,000 lbs. Which would you rather have underneath a busy driveway or in a foundation poured in a region with expansive clay?

Lighter than Steel

A bundle of 25 pieces weighs just 47 lbs and a pre-tied grid of GatorBar can be carried by just two people. This means GatorBar is easier to work with. It can be tied together and put in place more quickly. What used to be a four-man job is now a two-man job and what used to be a two-man job is now a one-man job. You will save on labor and get your projects done more quickly and efficiently with GatorBar.


Have you ever seen a driveway or retaining wall ruined by rust streaks? Cracks, porosity or improper rebar placement can expose steel rebar to water and oxygen, which causes it to oxidize and rust. Rust is extremely difficult and expensive to remove from concrete, stone and grout and it will always come back if the underlying issue causing it is not addressed. Well you don't have to worry about that with GatorBar rebar. Because GatorBar does not contain any steel or iron, it does not rust. Even if exposed to the elements, you will not experience those ugly rust streaks.

Competitively Priced

GatorBar is competitively priced with steel rebar and in many cases less expensive. #3 GatorBar is about the same price or slightly less than #3 steel rebar. However, #3 GatorBar actually replaces #4 steel rebar because it is stronger. #3 GatorBar is almost universally less expensive than #4 steel rebar. So not only are your saving labor cost with GatorBar, you are also saving money on material.

Find out more about the advantages of GatorBar, and technical information and testing results.

Many states and municipalities are accepting GatorBar as a pre-approved submittal replacement to steel rebar in for certain applications.

May 10th 2023

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