Aluminum Scaffold Board for Sale by Southwest Scaffolding

Aluminum Scaffold Board for Sale

Our aluminum scaffold board comes in two different lengths:

7'X19" SWS-1101 30 lbs

10'X19" SWS-1103 39 lbs

The advantage of these boards is their safety, stability, durability and load bearing capacity. The the 7' board is rated for 75lbs/sq. ft and can be used in heavy-duty scaffolding applications and the 10' board is rated for 50lbs/sq. ft. and can be used in medium-duty applications. They are resistant to corrosion and will last you many years. These boards will also allow you to increase to a 10' span and still have the load bearing capacity you need. The boards come with replaceable hooks and have a locking mechanism on each end of the board to keep the it attached to the scaffolding frames.

All of our boards have the same width of 19." It takes aluminum boards to fully deck a set of scaffolding with 5' wide frames. 42" wide frames require 2 boards and 3' wide frame will hold one board. Sometimes aluminum boards are used on outriggers. We have 21" outriggers that will hold one aluminum board as well as 30" outriggers that will hold two boards.

Aluminum Scaffold BoardFor Superior Strength

Aluminum boards have superior strength to wood boards and will last much longer. They make great landing platforms for materials in masonry and stucco applications and we recommend them for scaffolding towers because they stay in place much better than wood boards. The hooks on each end are offset so that these boards can be used to construct a single long scaffolding platform without the hooks overlapping each other.

Aluminum Scaffold Board with Plywood Insert

Our Aluminum/Plywood Scaffold Planks function just like our solid aluminum planks except they have a plywood deck and they cost less. Like our solid aluminum boards, these boards are rated to hold 75 lbs./Sq. Ft. They come in 7' and 10' lengths. They weigh a little more than our solid aluminum board and are a little thicker as well.

7'X19" SWS-1100 35.1 lbs

10"X19" SWS-1101 51 lbs

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May 16th 2023

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