Screw Jack for Scaffolding Platform by Southwest Scaffolding

Screw Jack for Scaffolding (leveling jack)

A screw jack is also sometimes called leveling jack or screw leg. They are designed to provide a level base for your scaffolding platform. The bottom of the jacks have a 4" X 4" fixed base plate to serve as a foot. This base plate is designed to be attached to a wood mud sill (via nail or screw). These jacks can be raised up to 12" to ensure a level scaffolding platform. They work like a giant screw where the base of the scaffold frame sits on a nut that can be raised or lowered by rotating it clockwise or counter clockwise. The jack is 18" tall but the nut will not go back the 12" mark, leaving at least 6" of the jack on the inside of the scaffolding frame. The jack is secured to the scaffolding frames by either a toggle pin or span pin.

Our jacks are made from steel and are Zinc coated to provide rust resistance and they are tested to ensure OSHA compliance. We tested our screw jack when we tested our scaffolding frames with a compression test. The frames failed at approximately 40,000 lbs. The jacks did not fail.

Socket Jacks

Socket jacks work exactly like screw jacks, except they are designed to be used with casters. Instead of a base plate, a caster can be fit on the bottom of the socket jack and secured by a pin.

We have jacks that will fit Safeway-Style (blue), Waco-Style (Red), and Bil-Jax Style (Yellow) Frames. Also called leveling jacks.


SWS-131 Screw Jack

1-1/4" X 24" 10.4 lbs 4" X 4" fixed base plate

SWS-134 Screw Jack

1-3/8" X 24" 11.4 lbs 4" X 4" fixed base plate

SWS-164 Screw Jack

1-3/8" X 24" 14.8 lbs 4" X 4" swivel base plat

SWS-171 Screw Jack

1-1/4" X 24" 14.0 lbs 4" X 4" swivel base plate

SWS-130 Socket Screw Jack

1-3/8" X 24" 10.4 lbs

designed to fit between frames instead of between the frame and ground like the screw jacks

SWS-130S Socket Screw Jack for Shoring

1-1/2" X 24" 8.2 lbs

designed to level our shoring frames

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May 16th 2023

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