Used Items

Used Items

Used Scaffolding for Sale

All used scaffolding is sold as is and is subject to availability.

At Southwest Scaffolding, we sell used scaffolding in addition to our new scaffolding inventory. This could be frames, scaffold boards, accessories or used elevated platform (crank-up) scaffolding. Pricing depends on what we have available. Typically, if we sell the item new, we will sometimes have used versions of the same item. Often, we will bundle the used scaffolding in bundles of 5 or 10 sets.

Our used scaffolding inventory is very small compared to our new inventory, when we get some in, it does not last long. Give us a call or email to find out what used items we have and their price. We make no guarantees as to the performance, safety or fitness of any used items we sell and we disclaim all warranties to purchasers of these items. We also recommend buying new scaffolding so you have assurance of it’s quality, integrity and load capacity – we test our scaffolding at Texas A & M and we make sure our scaffolding is made from high-grade steel.
If you have used scaffolding, boards, or accessories that you want to sell or trade in for new or different style scaffolding, let us know and we may offer to purchase it from you.

Used and Restored Non-Stop Scaffolding for Sale

Used Scaffolding

We almost always have a large inventory of used Non-Stop elevated platform (crank up) scaffolding for sale. Non-Stop scaffolding is an expensive investment, but it pays for itself by allowing your crews to be more productive. If it is taken care of, it can last you for decades. Our used Non-Stop Scaffolding has been restored. We have culled any bad pieces, made welding repairs, cleaned it, added new cables, restored the cranks, removed old paint and repainted all parts. If you are a masonry contractor who does any commercial work, we recommend giving Non-Stop a try. We also offer training courses for our customers, and we will go out to your job site to train you and your crews onsite.  

Other Used Equipment for Sale

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