Scaffolding Sets

Scaffolding Sets

Scaffolding sets are the most economical way to purchase scaffolding.


Most of our customers purchase scaffolding by the set because it is less expensive to purchase the set than to buy the frames and components individually. Each set comes with two frames, two cross braces, four coupling pins, and four spring clips - everything you see in the picture. Each set comes standard with 7' cross braces. We can substitute in different size cross braces for a small up-charge. We sell by the set with every type of frame we carry including pattern matches for Safeway, Waco, Bil-Jax and Snap-On scaffolding frames.

High Quality Steel Scaffolding Sets - Tested by Engineers

Our scaffolding sets are made from high-quality steel (not recycled) and are tested at Texas A & M to ensure that our quality exceeds OSHA guidelines and the competition. You can find a link to our test results here.

We Wary of Recycled Steel Frames Sold by Some Competitors

If you see bargain basement prices for new scaffolding frames, it's a good idea to investigate those frames to make sure they are durable enough to keep you safe. Please be aware that some of the competition makes their frames from recycled steel, which contains rust and is not as strong or durable as our frames. We have tested some of our competitor's scaffolding frames and discovered that they make their frames from recycled steel. Recycled steel contains rust. This rust creates failure points in the scaffolding, making it considerably weaker and less durable than our frames. Saving a few dollars per frame is not worth the safety risk.

Why Purchase Scaffolding by the Set

Purchasing by the set is less expensive than purchasing each piece individually. It is also easier. When you purchase by the set, you know that you will be getting all the essential accessories you need to stack the scaffolding and it is easier to calculate how many boards, screw jacks and other accessories you will need when you purchase this way. However, if you already have most the pieces you need, and only need a specific frame or accessory, no problem, we sell pieces individually as well.

Pattern Matches for Various Scaffolding Styles

If you already have a specific style such as Safeway scaffolding, Waco scaffolding or Big-Jax scaffolding, we have scaffolding that will match up and integrate with each of these styles and work seamlessly with them. Need help choosing a frame style? See the differences in frame types and styles here.

May 16th 2023

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