Painters Scaffolding - Scaffold Options for Your Next Painting Project

Painters Scaffolding - Scaffold Options for Your Next Painting Project

Types of Painters Scaffolding

If you have a painting project where tall walls are ceilings are involved, you have plenty of access options to get your job done efficiently and within budget. This articles is going to cover some of the different types of painters scaffolding designed specifically for interior painting projects. Painters scaffolding is usually not required to hold a lot of weight and there is more emphasis on ease of use and the ability to set up and move it quickly and the ability of the scaffolding to fit in tight spaces.

While you can always use a ladder, scaffolding has several advantages. The most important advantage is safety. Scaffolding is less likely to tip over, it creates a working platform for you to stand on, and often comes with guardrail options.  Having a work platform also makes you more efficient. You can have your paint and tools next to you on the platform while you work and the platform allows you to complete a larger portion of the wall or ceiling before needing to move the scaffolding. Some scaffolding comes with casters so that when you need to move to a different section of the project, you just roll it in position, lock the casters and you're back working again. All of the scaffold options listed below are also cost competitive with using a ladder.

Here are Some Common Types of Painters Scaffolding

Baker/Perry Scaffolding

This kind of scaffolding goes by several different names such as Baker Scaffolding, Perry Scaffolding, Utility Scaffolding and more. It consists of two ladder frames that are joined in the middle by a work platform. The ladder frames are 6' high and 29" wide. The work platform is adjustable up and down the ladder frames and the unit comes with locking wheels so it can be easily moved. The scaffolding units are stackable so that you can paint higher up the wall or ceiling. Some brands such as Southwest Scaffolding, have units with hatch decks to make climbing safer and you can purchase guardrails and outriggers to add to the safety and stability of this scaffolding. The platform on this scaffolding can be adjusted on each frame independently, allowing you to set this scaffolding up to paint over stairs and other uneven surfaces.


Very versatile scaffolding

Can be used in narrow spaces

Can be used on stairs

Stackable so you can reach high places


Heavy - each unit weighs 150 lbs.

Assembly can be a little difficult with one person.

A-Frame Scaffolding

A-Frame Scaffolding is also called Folding Trestle Scaffolding. It consist of two folding frames that are put into place, unfolded and then a working platform is put on top. These frames can be purchased in several different heights, such as 3ft, 4ft and 6ft and they contain ladder rungs to give you several platform height options. A-Frame scaffolding is very light, it is the fastest and most simple of all scaffolding to set up and you can create a platform as long or narrow as you need. Your platform can be made from wood or aluminum boards. For example, we sell aluminum boards that range from 7' all the way to 24' long - giving you lots of platform length options. This scaffolding works great for painting long walls and low ceilings and getting a lot done quickly.


The easiest and fastest scaffolding to set up.

Lots of platform length options.

Low price.


Platform can only go up to 6' high.

Cannot work on uneven surfaces.

Frame Scaffolding

Frame scaffolding is two scaffolding frames, connected by cross braces. These frames come in various widths, for instance we carry frames that range from 2' wide to 5' wide. They are very strong, stackable, and come with lots of accessories so that you can configure them to meet the specific needs of your painting project. For instance, these frames can be used with leveling jacks so that each leg can be adjusted for painting on uneven surfaces.


Very versatile in configuration.

Great for large commercial painting projects.

Lots of accessories available.


Must purchase accessories individually

Ladder Jack Scaffolding

Ladder jack scaffolding is simply some angled extensions that hook onto ladders that allow you to use your ladders like scaffold frames and attach a platform between them. You just need to purchase two jacks and a platform. This type of scaffolding allows you to utilize ladders you already have. You can set it up and paint on a platforms and then break it down and paint on the ladders where needed.

May 16th 2023

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