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Our mortar tub, also called mud tub, comes in either 10 ga. or 14 ga. steel and painted to reduce rust. These tubs are designed to hold mortar for masonry projects. The feet are designed to hold forks so the tub can be easily moved around by a forklift and placed on a scaffolding platform. The large size and durability of this tub makes it ideal for large masonry projects where efficiency is a priority.

Mortar Tub Specifications

SWS-1530 Heavy Duty (10 gauge steel) - Wt. 174 lbs. - Volume 7.75 cu. ft.

SWS-1531 Standard Duty (14 gauge steel) - Wt. 117 lbs. - Volume 7.75 cu. ft.

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May 16th 2023

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