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Frame Scaffolding

Frame scaffolding is a type of scaffolding in which pre-fabricated frames are connected and stacked on top of one another to create a scaffolding structure. This is in contrast to tub and clamp and ring lock/cup lock type scaffolding where you have to assemble the vertical, horizontal and diagonal components. The advantage of frame scaffolding is that is is much easier and faster to assemble than tube and clamp or ring lock/cup lock since the horizontal and vertical components are already fabricated and they frames are connected by cross braces, which snap into place. Frame scaffolding works well for working on straight walls with 90 degree turns and for building scaffold towers. It is the most commonly-used scaffolding in the construction industry.

Frame Scaffolding Components

Frame scaffolding components consists of the scaffold frame, cross brace, coupling pin, spring clip and some kind of a base whether it is a base plate, wheel, or leveling jack.

Scaffold Frame

There are different styles of frame scaffolding, each ones have different diameter tubs, pin sets, heights and locking mechanisms which keep them from integrating with one another. The most common frame styles are Safeway, Waco, Bil-Jax and Snap On. The differences between these are largely regional and contractor preference since they mostly all function the same way. Find out more about the difference between the major styles here.

Each style of frame scaffolding comes with frame variations such as walk-thru frames for masonry and stucco contractors and climbable ladder frames for building scaffold towers. They also come in different widths depending on whether you are working in tight spaces or simply do not need a wide platform, which saves on board costs.

May 16th 2023

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