Construction Scaffolding

Construction Scaffolding

Construction Scaffolding

Southwest Scaffolding specializes in construction scaffolding. We offer several different types of scaffolding for sale that is suitable for the rigors of a commercial or residential construction project.

Attributes of Construction Scaffolding

High Weight Capacity

Scaffolding for construction needs to be able to withstand a lot of weight - especially if it is being used for masonry or stucco work. Large crews combined with brick, stone and mortar result on a tremendous amount of weight being put on the scaffolding. Our frame scaffolding has been tested to hold over 30,000 lbs per set of scaffolding. All the scaffolding we sell is heavy-duty and designed to withstand as much weight as you can put on it.

High-Carbon Steel

Scaffolding on a construction project needs to be made from high carbon steel. Jobsites are tough environments and scaffolding is going to be dropped, bumped my machinery, run over and beat up. Scaffolding made with high-carbon steel has a greater memory than cheap steel. This means when it is dropped it is more likely to return to its original position and less likely to permanently bend or kink. Having scaffolding with this attribute will save a contractor a lot of money over the long run because he won't have as many bent or damaged frames when a job is over. At Southwest Scaffolding, we make our scaffolding frames from high-quality Q-235 steel, not low quality steel or recycled steel (which contains rust) like many competitors.

Rust Resistant

Scaffolding is going to be out in the elements most of the time. Whether on a job site or stacked on a yard waiting for the next job, it sits in the rain, freezing cold, hot, has mortar and chemicals spilled on it and is generally subjected to a lot of corrosion. At Southwest Scaffolding, we put a high-quality powder coat on our scaffolding frames that can withstand chipping, chemicals and weather - ensuring that it will serve you well for years to come.

Types of Scaffolding Used in Construction

There are many different types of scaffolding used in construction. By far the most popular is frame scaffolding, which is more or less a general construction type scaffolding. There are also trade-specific types of scaffolding such as Non-Stop Scaffolding designed specifically for masonry contractors and tube and clamp scaffolding, commonly used in industrial applications. Pump Jack scaffolding is often used to install siding and Baker Scaffolding is commonly used by painters. Whatever the application, we likely carry the type of scaffolding you need. If you have any questions about scaffolding types and need recommendations, feel free to contact us.

Scaffolding for Sale

If you are in the market for scaffolding, you can check out our products here. We offer high-quality scaffolding at wholesale prices.

May 10th 2023

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